a full range of measuring devices for building automation

Thermostats and temperature sensors

DBET – single and multi-stage room thermostats

DBAT – clamp on thermostats

ET – Single and multi-stage room thermostats

SA – room sensor

SC – clamp-on temperature transducer with housing

STC – duct temperature transducer with housing

TD – antifreeze thermostats

TF – electromechanical antifreeze thermostats

TT – industrial temperature transducers

TV – boiler thermostats

Hygrostats and humidity transmitters

DBKH – duct hygrostats

DBZH – room hygrostats



TU – duct humidity transmitters

TUCH3 – humidity and temperature transducers

Pressure switches and sensors

DBL – air differential pressure switches

NPRCN25 differential pressure transmitter

NPRCxxxx(-2) – pressure difference transmitter

CO2 and air quality sensors

DB-xLQ – duct and room air quality sensors



TCO2A– CO2, temperature transmitter

TCO2C– CO2, temperature transmitter

Air / media flow sensors / level switches

SF – liquid flow switches

SL – airflow switch

SQ – liquid level switches

TVA – air velocity transmitter

Fan coil and zone controllers

DB-TA-323– room controllers for 2-pipe systems, ON-OFF

DB-TA-343– room controllers for 4-pipe systems, ON-OFF

PC-T – room thermostat

PC-TC – Room temperature and CO2 controller

PC-U – universal room controller

Accessories and positioners

DBZ – accesories

NPG-24– position transmitter with LCD

Controllers and positioners for VAV

NEVD – VAV smart actuator positioner

NEVR – VAV smart actuator positioner

NSVA – VAV smart damper actuator